Actually, WOM is short for Word-Of-Mouth marketing. It was the obvious choice to name our referral program.


With it, our aim is to get people talking and help the economy bounce back on its feet, naturally. But it doesn’t end there, the best part is for every qualified referral* you will receive a 20% FPS Media discount voucher* for your next project with us!


Enjoy & WOM away!

Step 1


Think of a person whose business or agency could benefit from our services.

Step 2


Contact them to discuss how they would feel about being referred to us.

Please make sure to only refer friends who gave their consent.

Step 3


Go to fps-media.co.uk/WOM fill out the “Refer A Friend” form and send it to us.

Step 4


You can sit back and relax, we will take care of things from here.
Once the referred project has been confirmed, we will send over your well deserved 20% FPS Media discount* voucher!

Refer a friend

*I understand and agree to Terms & Conditions