Where is video heading?

I don’t know about you but I spend increasing amounts of my time with my head buried in a smart phone or digital device of some description. Of course, when my wife tells me I spend too much time in digital media, I obviously look flabbergasted and suggest that she’s “completely over-reacting!” So I was somewhat surprised when I read a recent study by a group of British Psychologists who suggest that young adults are on their phones twice as regularly as they think. In fact, the study suggests that they spend about one-third of their waking hours using their smartphone. Of course, I can no longer qualify as a young adult, so they can’t be talking about me… surely!!

The truth is, the vast majority of us have smartphones now in which we spend an inordinate amount of time in one aspect of social media or another, watching anything from the latest cute dog video to an instructional video on the best way to put up a set of shelves. Of course, this is the perfect media in which to advertise. Whether we are searching via Google or just on Facebook, we get targeted advertising offering the things we’ve been searching for. Whilst it sometimes feels a little ‘big brother’, 1984esque, there’s never been a better time for business to advertise their products.

So in a world saturated with video content, it goes without saying that your video needs to stand out from the rest whilst achieving the business results that you are creating the content for. Well, here in the FPS Media offices we’ve been chatting about what makes your video stand out from the crowd, and we’ve offered 3 tips that we think will help you make sure your video stands apart from the rest.

  • The shorter the better…

Time is one of our most precious commodities and, in a world where the demands on our time are ever increasing, the last thing any of us wants to do is waste it. So if I’m going to invest my time in your video, you need to dazzle me… in as short a time as possible. Think about the most powerful messages you’ve seen on video. They haven’t relied on dazzling you with a bright smile and white teeth. They’ve connected with you…

  • We’re all human beings…

So connect with me. Think about how you can engage with your audience. The best way to engage is through a human story. Let’s face it, we all love a good story and if there’s a bit of emotion in it, all the better. I also want to know how this product/training is going to benefit me. Is it going to solve my problem, transform my life, make it easier? I know, we’re all a bit selfish underneath it all, so tell me what it’s going to do for me.

  • Quality is everything.

The problem with every Tom, Dick and Harry having a smart phone is that everyone thinks they’re a photographer or film maker. Why? because they are. One of the breakout hits of the Sundance festival last year was Tangerine, notably because the whole film was shot on an iPhone 5s. But here’s the thing. The creative time behind it, knew what they were doing. Just because you have the means, doesn’t mean you have the wherewithal! First and foremost, you need a good script. The most beautifully shot films in the world fall down if the script is pants. Spend time at this stage and make sure it says everything you want in the most engaging way possible. Ideally, bring in a scriptwriter to work with you. I know, I know… that costs money you say. Of course it does. Excellence is never cheap, but I guarantee it’s worth it. You also need storyboards, shot lists, the right environment to shoot in, lighting… you get the picture.

Here at FPS Media, we like to think we’re at the forefront of this. That’s why we’ve brought on board the likes of Csaba Hidvegi, who has been working with 3D artistry for a long time, bringing a fresh approach to the work we undertake. We also partner with Merlin Flying Cameras to bring the best in aerial filming and photography allowing us to work with clients to provide a broader approach to ways of filming. We’ll talk more about how FPS Media works in these areas in future posts.

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