Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Imaginative and informative

Motion Graphics – animated typographic and graphic design elements can add visual impact and gravitas to the branding of your films. But beyond this, Motion Graphics gives you limitless power to inform and educate on screen.

Motion Graphics uses the full audio and motion capabilities of film, but starting with two-dimensional graphic and typographic elements generated by computer.

Some films will be made up of nothing other than Motion Graphics work, while others combine Motion Graphics elements with live action or CGI footage.

The ideal technique for information and explainer videos

It is also highly valued for building attractive and easy to follow infomatics – information films which present data or presentation points; and explainers – short films designed to demonstrate techniques, user instructions etc.

Because of its versatility in creating infographics and explainers, Motion Graphics is extremely useful for creating animations for use in social media, on exhibition stands and in live presentations.

Our Motion Graphics artists work in all current, industry standard packages, employing their experience and skill as film-makers top get the very most from these powerful tools.

Check out these examples of our Motion Graphics work:
Aurora - AOne UK Promo
Advanced - Re-imagine
YourMK - Introduction
Advanced - Open HR
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Motion graphics is a brilliant way to turn dry information or data into compelling film. It’s also a powerful tool for adding scale and stature to your branding. Fill out our contact form and let’s talk about the part Motion Graphics could play in your marketing.