Live Action films

Live Action films

Live Action films

Give your communications the immediacy of reality

Live action – films showing real people and places – is the cornerstone of business film-making. Live action lets you show your business, your people and your customers in the real world. And as a company of film makers, it’s at the heart of our work.

Film-making is a storytelling craft. Contemporary techniques like CGI have much to add, but it remains good scriptwriting, careful pre-production, intelligent management of the talent seen on-screen, expert cinematography and skilful editing that give you the ultimate tool with which to present your business.

We make both actuality (documentary) films, and ‘acted’ films, shooting in state of the art hi-definition video formats, using the latest, industry standard cameras and equipment.

Live action - Your business in the real world

The range of live action work we do is wide, including commercials, corporate videos, exec interviews, product story documentaries and launch films.

As film-makers, a key part of our producers’ job is to understand your objectives, and then to find ways to realise our creative vision within the budget area you have indicated.

Check out these examples of our Live Action work:
Aurora - Saint Gobain Case Study
Hotel Ibis - Jamboree Bloggers Night
ACAI - Activewear
Animal Studios - WomenOnWomen
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Live Action gives your business the full, emotional communication possibilities that make film the most powerful of all media. Fill out our contact form and let’s talk about how and where Live Action could make a difference in your business.