A company that exists to put motion into your business

FPS Media makes films, videos and motion graphics designed to drive business performance. We are led by hands-on, creative film makers who sweat the detail in everything we deliver.

Each member of our team is a skilful, passionate craftsman in one or more areas of film-making.

We come to work each day to create exciting screen solutions that will achieve our client’s objectives, crafted to the highest industry standards.

Making films for business

Since we opened our doors in 2013, we have made solely films for business use.

With a wealth of industry data now showing video to be the single most powerful tool in online communications, the unique power of film and motion graphics is readily available to smaller businesses for the first time.

Used imaginatively within your site, films are capable of driving knowledge, sales and profitability; or any combination.

With our help, you can communicate with customers, staff, suppliers, investors, peers, the media and any other audiences key to your success.

From commercial objective to finished film
We work directly with end user businesses, as well as working with agencies. Whichever you are, from our first contact we strive to understand your commercial goals and the specific job you need your film to perform. We then find the most creative way possible to deliver this within your budget. If you’d like to make a film for your business, or need one for a client of yours, get in touch.