Aerial drone Video

Aerial drone Video

Aerial drone video

Give your comms the scale and impact of flying cameras

Thanks to remote controlled drone cameras, it’s now easy and affordable to include spectacular aerial footage in films for your business. With our own, expert Civil Aviation Authority accredited drone camera director, FPS Media can make it happen. 

Drone cameras have revolutionised aerial filming. Now you can make aerial passes over your outdoor events, building projects, business premises, your vehicles on the road and many other scenes relevant to promoting your business.

And it’s not only outdoors. Using compact and lightweight indoor drones, our drone camera pilot can capture breathtaking indoor passes, swoops and encirclements.

Expert aerial drone filming

Nick Bayston is FPS’s dedicated drone camera pilot.

Nick has huge experience using the latest lightweight professional aircraft to ensure the best in digital image quality and precision flying. These aircraft mean that, as well as shooting both outdoors and in, we can film sensational footage over water and at night, safely and legally.

Nick is accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority and is a full member of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS).

Where required, we put in place comprehensive insurance cover up to a level of £10m on aerial filming projects.

Check out these examples of our Aerial filming work:
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Talk to us about making films for your business using Aerial filming

Aerial filming gives your business an incredible sense of scale and physical presence, as well as adding great visual interest and excitement to your business films. Fill out our contact form and let’s talk over how we could use aerial work for you.