About Us

About Us

About Us

Making films for business

At FPS Media we like to think a little different. It’s all very well thinking outside the box but we prefer to create our own box.

Our creative output is all about driving business performance in a content-hungry world whilst reinforcing a marketing strategy in the most memorable way imaginable.


Video is probably the single most powerful tool in online communication, making a noticeable difference in Google rankings and allowing complex messages to be succinctly conveyed in a memorable way to the viewer.

Used imaginatively within your web site and on social media, films are capable of driving knowledge, sales and profitability.

Make it sticky! On-page videos will increase your web page’s stickiness (the time spent on the page) by 2.6 times (source: wistia.com)

Blog it better. Blog posts that include video content attract three times more inbound links (source: moz.com)

Google will love you. The second largest search engine next to the big G is YouTube and is owned by, you guessed it, Google. The two go hand in hand so the ‘Tube is a must for your video content.