Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Us?

FPS Media was established in 2013, founded by two brothers with crystal clear aspiration to help businesses bring their marketing to the next level.

Our dedication to every project backed by our extensive international experience allows us to amaze our clients as well as their customers by the visual genius we are able to deliver.

We believe that infusing moving image into your marketing strategy will not only create more demand and interest, but generate more sales, increase your brand’s reputation and drive profitability.

Daniel Bagoly

I have a versatile personality and strive for new experiences both in my lifestyle as well as career. After completing BA(Hons) in Media Productions, travelling has become a big & very influential part of my life. It gave me the ability to communicate with ease and transition my way of thinking quickly when meeting people from other cultures. For me, creativity has always played a key role in the search for happiness, therefore establishing a B2B film agency has proven to be the perfect choice of career, helping me to fulfill my true self by making your visions become a reality on screen.


A creative thinker, who is constantly challenging himself to approach his work in refreshing, new ways, ensuring every project combines creative flair and fitness-for-purpose. His skills take in every point of the process, from on-location production to post-production. This degree of creative control enables him to attain the same high standards of work in diverse genres and media.

Laszlo Somogyi
Csaba Hidvegi
CGI Artist

A passionate artist, who has always been interested in animated features, but has been wandering down various paths before finally settling on 3D art. Having experience in contrasting careers and education from one another has enabled him to approach projects from multiple angles and with various mind-sets, depending on what is demanded of him. Being a monster consumer of entertainment products for so long has given a tremendous amount of insight into the field, which he can now apply to his professional work.

RPQs Drone Pilot

I’m a drone specialist who has been flying UAVs for 4 years. Back in 2014 I was one of the first to gain the respected RPQ-s pilot qualification. I have a full CAA permission for commercial operations including special permission to fly at night. I’m also an active member of the ARPAS Group, helping me to stay in the forefront of not only the most innovative technological advancements in this sector, but also the latest rules & regulations.

Nick Bayston
Phil Mardlin

Phil works as an actor, director and writer. He has written a number of screen and stage and most recently wrote his first children’s play, Captain Fantastic which premiered at Bedfringe 2016. He has always had a fascination with language and words but only took to putting pen to paper in his 30s. He became involved with FPS Media as a writer for a series of short films and now writes for their website.

A full suite of visual communications media developed under one roof. Individually of the highest quality and production value. Used in combination to create synergy for the most powerful communications engagement and impact. For situations where a picture is essential to delivering the ‘1000 words’.

100% In-house

Qualified and experienced. Leading edge, based on skills and investment in the most advanced and powerful tools. Highly qualified drone pilot, gets the shots other drone pilots can’t. We invest in our own development. We consult, advise and challenge to ensure that clients get the right solution for their business need.

We really are fixated on production quality, we know what it takes to stand out, even when up against the best. We seek constantly to push back the frontiers, being innovative with a business purpose.